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Vehicle wrap pricing depends largely on the vehicle and the type of wrap.


For instance, a small car wrap like a Smart Car will be less than an SUV or

a Sprinter van wrap because less vinyl and labor is needed.


Ballpark commercial wrap pricing ranges are estimated at:

$1800-$2200 for small cars

$2200-$3000 for standard cars

$2200-$3500 for van wraps, utility trailers and SUV wraps

$4000-$7000 for semi trucks and small buses


Artwork and design may start at $200 for basic colors and up to $500 for complex designs because of the amount of time and detail they require. The exact cost will vary based on for instance, the size and type of vehicle, design requirements and desired durability of the wrap. We offer fleet wrap discounts to fleet owners.


For a free quote for your vehicle wrap or graphics, please fill out the request form.

Or, feel free to contact us at 352-236-6333



Screaming Wraps has provided Marion County 20 Years of Custom Graphic Printing and Wraps Services. Whether you are looking to grow your business or add some personalization to your vehicle, we have the tools to help you brand and grow your business. (And to make sure you never lose your car in the parking lot again!)

If you're thinking about getting wrapped,

come talk to Ed and you'll have

a Screaming Graphic in no time!

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